Usage & Service Questions

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How long does each IP last?
SOCKS5 Residential, each IP bind can last 6hours if the IP is always online. You can bind the same IP again if the IP is still online and add to favorites to use longer time. Note that our proxies are residential, the lasting time is random, please understand.
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I cannot connect to the proxy/The browser test proxy is invalid?
Firstly, our proxies have to use on full global internet environment, please check your internet environment by windows internet proxy, if cannot work, it means you have to change your environment. Secondly, try a new IP because the last one maybe invalid.
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I cannot login/There is no reaction of the software?
Check your internet then totally restart the proxy software.
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How many devices can use your proxy service?
Unlimited windows PC devices can login to the same account and use proxy at the same time. More than one devices can connect to one PC’s IP2 Proxy Manager, please read proxy guides for detailed process.

Payment Questions

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Automatically Verification on Virtual Currency
Example:USDT Payment Transfer. After transferring amount of your selected plan to our USDT address, you need to enter the full transaction ID(TxID) for verification within 72 hours.
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Coupon code
On each virtual currency payment page, you can apply a coupon code now. Example:USDT Payment Transfer applying a coupon code. You need to always keep the coupon code on the input area, then input the TxID and verify, click confirm to complete.
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Do you support refund?
We do not support refund for any payment. Note that all payments are final, so please confirm each payment process. If you feel the service has difficulties to use, please contact customer service we are willing to help you solve using problems.
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